Contact information

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or encounter any issues using G-OnRamp, or if you have any questions or suggested revisions for the G-OnRamp training materials.

Sarah C.R. Elgin (Washington University in St Louis):  questions on the overall philosophy and approach, scientific collaborations, fiscal matters.

Jeremy Goecks (the Oregon Health & Science University):  questions on the G-OnRamp project goals, features, and development process.

Luke Sargent (the Oregon Health & Science University): questions on the public G-OnRamp server, and the development of G-OnRamp.

Wilson Leung (Washington University in St Louis):  questions on the bioinformatics tools in the G-OnRamp workflow, tool parameter optimizations, setting up collaborative annotation projects.

Galaxy Help

The Galaxy Project has created a user support forum at Galaxy Help. Educators and researchers can use this platform to ask specific questions about Galaxy and G-OnRamp, to share scientific advice, and to assist each other.

Previous members

Yating Liu (Washington University in St Louis): software developer worked on the G-OnRamp tools and workflows, G-OnRamp website, usage, and curriculum.

Rémi Marenco (the Broad Institute in Boston): software developer worked on G-OnRamp tools and workflows