UCSC Assembly Hubs created by G-OnRamp

  • 12 participants from 10 institutions
  • Five genome assemblies
  • Assembly sizes: 240Mb – 1.2Gb
  • Number of scaffolds: 3,263 – 54,394
  • Four genomes with RNA-seq data

June 2017 Workshop Materials

TopicDescriptionTypeLast updateLevel
G-OnRamp workshop 2017 agendaG-OnRamp Beta Testers Workshop AgendaAgenda06/2017Beginner
Introduction to the GEP, Galaxy and G-OnRampOverview: Brief Introduction to the GEP, Galaxy and G-OnRamp; Goals for the Workshop
Overview of GalaxyOverview of Galaxy: Quick review of Galaxy 101/102
Using Galaxy to analyze RNA-Seq dataUsing Galaxy for handling RNA-seq data
Introduction to G-OnRampIntroduction to G-OnRamp
Introduction to G-OnRamp WalkthroughUse G-OnRamp to create a genome browser for the D. biarmipes F elementWalkthrough06/2017Beginner
Customize the Genome Browsers produced by G-OnRampCustomize the Genome Browsers produced by G-OnRamp
Issues with creating Genome Browsers for whole genome assembliesIssues with creating Genome Browsers for whole genome assemblies Lecture06/2017Advanced
Deployment options for G-OnRampDeployment options for G-OnRamp (e.g., centralized server, Docker, Virtual Machines) on local servers or on a public cloud (e.g., Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Jetstream)Lecture06/2017Advanced
Differential expression analysis with RNA-Seq Differential expression analysis with RNA-SeqLecture06/2017Advanced